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Frequently Asked Questions

Deposits can vary by property. The most common deposits required are:

  • Security deposit (usually equal to 1-3 months rent). 
  • Cleaning deposit.  
  • Key deposit  
  • Pet deposit (if pets are allowed by property owner) 

other deposits may be required depending on the property.

All rent is due and to be paid in full on the first day of the month. Rent paid after the first will be subject to late fees.

NOTE: At any time you are not able to pay rent on the first of the month, it is imperative to notify your property manager.

No. Only occupants named on the lease and their minor children are allowed to reside in the property.

Yes. At your own expense and a key for the new locks must be provided to the property manager in a timely manner.

Rent may be paid by Check, Money order or Electronically by automatic deduction from your bank account.

Yes. It is the sole and final decision of the property owner as to which animals or breeds they will accept on their property.

Yes. Renters insurance is required and the property owner and LBRE must be named as an additional insured. LBRE does offer low cost group renters insurance. 

Most leases are for a 1 year term.

In most cases yes. With owner approval of colors and paint quality and at your own expense.  The work is subject to inspection by Owner and/or Property Manager upon completion.

Yes. There is a fee for a returned check or declined electronic payment. Late fees will apply if rent is not paid on the first, and will accrue until paid in full.